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1 Burnt Cove Road, Stonington, ME 04681

N 44° 10' 01"
W 68° 41' 30"


Burnt Cove Market strives to provide the highest quality food at the lowest possible price. From our fresh produce and quality meats, to our wide selection of grocery items, we are certain you will find what you need within our aisles.


A large selection of fresh, organic, and locally sourced produce is offered at our store. Bright fruits and crisp vegetables to compliment every meal. We are proud to offer local produce seasonally. Be sure to browse our specialty items and cheeses.


We are a full-service butcher, offering all cuts of beef and chicken, along with a wide assortment of fish and pork. We are proud to offer custom cuts, as well as butchering of locally caught fish and meat. Our store also offers a wide variety of frozen and pre-packaged meats.


Our Deli department offers an extensive array of products and services. In addition to custom sliced meat and cheese we also offer fresh made sandwiches and salads, hot meal items, fresh pizza, fried chicken. We are also a complete bakery with a large selection of breads, rolls, and pastries. Fruit Baskets, Fruit & Vegetable Trays, and Cheese & Cracker Trays are among the many services we offer upon request.


Not to be overlooked is our grocery department! Our aisles are filled with an extensive array of basic and specialty grocery items. Our freezers, coolers, and dry food shelves are packed with every item on your shopping list. We also offer lottery tickets, movie rentals, newspapers and gift cards. We are also happy to special order most any item not found in our store. Just ask! Grocery delivery is available. Call our store for more information on this great service.


Said by many to be the best pizza around. Fresh and made to order. Any topping that you can think of, we are happy to customize your pizza, and make it the way you want. What will you have us put on your favorite pizza?


Burnt Cove Market is a Blue Rhino propane exchange station. Stop by to exchange your empty tank, or purchase a new one.


A full service gas station, with friendly attendants that are happy to assist. We are also a complete bottle redemption center that utilizes modern equipment.


Our large wine and liquor selections are sure to satisfy every taste, and every budget. You are sure to find all of the items needed for that perfect cocktail on our shelves. And don't miss our beer cave! A customer accessible walk-in cooler filled with ice cold beer.


Burnt Cove Market offers a wide selection of household beauty and health-related items within our store.